The Late Bird Misses The Worm and Gets Only Small Bugs

Friday, July 2, 2010

So, this week I was slow to go to Walgreens for deals. Frankly, I was out of money except for the $5 I had in Register Rewards money. The problem with this is, they run out of many of their special items that you were planning on getting for free. I wandered around Walgreens for an hour having to plan and replan my strategies. I finally gave up on doing separate transactions, did it all as one and paid a bit more than I wanted. The upside to that is, I won't be paying anything next time because of all the Register Rewards money I have now!

Yesterday's Booty:
(2) Angel Soft Toilet Papers (not a huge deal, just needed it.) (Orig. $4 a pc)
(1) Airplus Aloe Socks (Orig. $3 special)
(4) Reach Toothbrushes (Orig. $2 a pc)
(4) Dove Deodorants (Orig. $3.99 a pc, sale 4/$15)
(1) Sure Deodorant (Orig. $2.99, sale $1.99)
(3) Twizzlers (Orig. $1.99 a pc, sale 2/$3)
(1) Gillette Fusion Razor (Orig. $12.99, sale $9.89)
(1) Epson Salt (needed for chigger ridden dog, $1.79)

Retail Cost: $58.70
Final Cost: paid $23.63 cash, used last week's $5 in RR = $28.63
RR: $20 to use next time
Total after RR: $8.63
Savings: $50.07
85% Savings!

The Reach toothbrushes were the biggest moneymaker. They were on sale for $0.99 and I had $1.00 off coupons. I made a penny each, right? Then, they end up printing $1 RR PER TOOTHBRUSH. That's a money maker right there. Wish I had more coupons!

DH says we have enough deodorant and toothbrushes and why do I need more than we'll use now? Apparently he doesn't understand the concept of stockpiling yet. I need to do some shampoo deals, we're out of shampoo entirely!

Today's stops: Target again, CVS and Walmart. Wish me luck!

P.S. The cashier was totally helpful and so was the manager who had to be called over twice! *oops*


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