July 7th... More Target Practice

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I struggle to comprehend, if you are a company that actually has a corporate couponing policy, why do not ALL the stores follow it? I think sometimes the policy leaves things up to interpretation by every Tom, Dick and Marty who thinks they know everything. Can you tell I had a irritating Target experience this week?! lol It all went well in the end so I won't complain too much.

I went to one Target to do my 'dealin' as my husband calls it. They didn't have the Olay Body Wash I wanted in stock. So they found out which stores had it and I drove all the way over to another city (about 15 miles) where they awaited me in Customer Service. The flim-flammin' customer service guy would not let me use my buy one Olay get Ivory free coupons and ALSO use my $ off Olay coupons. It should work fine if I have one coupon per item but he was saying that the BIGI counts 2 items as one item. So stupid. Okay, I'm done. Anyway, I went to another  Target and they happily did it.

Target Visit #1:

(2) Kellogs Cereals (Orig. $3.39/4.29, sale $2.88)
(6) Tasters Choice Packets (Orig. $1.00)
Olay Body Bar (Orig. $0.97)
Tide 1 Use pkt (Orig. $0.97)
(2) Sobe Drinks (Orig. $1.29, sale $1.00)
Kraft Dressing (Orig. $2.09)
Crazy Straws 12 pk (Orig. $1.00)
* Used 11 Coupons for $ off sale prices* 

Spent: $4.03
Original Cost of Items: $21.29
Savings: $17.26
81% of Savings
Target Visit #2:
(6) Olay Total Effects Body Wash (Orig. $5.29, sale $4.79)
(6) Ivory Soap 10pk (Orig. $3.79, sale $3.59)

Spent: $5.15
Original Cost of Items: $54.48
Savings: $49.33
91% of Savings
* Used 12 Coupons for $ off sale prices*

Paid: $9.18
Saved: $66.39
(Orig Price: $75.57)
88% savings!

I think I'm done with my dealin' until Sunday when the new coupons and sales come out. Oh wait! That's tomorrow! Yay!


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