Christmas TOYS Shopping Extravaganza!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

So, yesterday was the big day for most Targets across the country. 75% off select toys. Many were already on clearance and were marked down even further! I'm so glad I read deals forum boards sometimes. This was definitely not the sale to miss! 

(not pictured: screenprinting kit, 7 SkelAnimals the dd picked out and are sleeping on her bed now)

I have now just about covered 6 children's Christmases, a couple items for a teen, 3 children's birthdays, a couple toys to donate to Toys for Tots (which we usually do anyway) and I stocked away several things I know sell pretty well on Ebay at Christmas time. Do you know how I know? I bought very similar items last year! lol I didn't load up 7 carts like I heard some people did and were clearly only there to gather it all to sell on Ebay. But I did buy several things to sell. I figure, the money made off them will buy the Christmas presents for the rest of my family. Win win situation for me!

None of the 4 Targets I went to had Legos or Star Wars on sale like so many people are saying their stores had. Those are the two main things I was shopping for. I did however score a few Playmobil pieces, so I'm very happy with that.

I bought 55 toys with an average spent of: $3.18 a piece. I call this a fabulous deal!

Spent OOP: $174.75
Original Costs: $699.00
Savings: $524.25
75% Savings!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Post - Almost free CEREAL & Cat Treats!


Tooth Fairy said...

WOW!! Where was I?!

Anonymous said...

LOVE Target toy clearance! We made out like bandits as well!

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