Target Practice!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well! My first experience with shopping/saving & couponing at Target. I've learned a few things as well. After reading various blogs and posts about Target finds and troubles, I did the following when I went there last night:

1. I printed our Target's Coupon Policy in case I had to duke it out with a cashier. hehe
2. When I couldn't find something, I headed to the customer service where they have more doohickeys, scanners and phones to help you find things and will give you a list of other stores that carry that item if they don't have it in stock. They will also call the stores to confirm for you, if you're nice!
3. When the beeper scanner thingie goes off and the cashier looks confused, just smile. If she tries again and can't get it, kindly suggest maybe typing in the coupon number or maybe a manager could help make it work. Smile some more while the manager scrutenizes the 8 identical coupons you have for free items and skeptically signs off on all of them.
4. Above all, thank everyone multiple times and BE NICE!

I had the best time Target shopping & saving money! (Apparently my cat loves me saving money too since she couldn't get enough of my purchases...)

Target Treasures:
2 bottles Sobe Lifewater (Orig $1.50, on sale for $1.00 ea)
2 bottles BBQ sauce (Orig $1.75, on sale for $1.25 ea)
9 Axe trial size deodorants (Orig $0.97 ea)
6 Ziploc Steam In bag sets (Orig $2.49 ea)
8 Flamedisk Charcoal Alternative (Orig $4.99 ea)

Retail Cost: $70.09
Final Cost: $4.51
Savings: $65.58
94% Savings!


trisha too said...

girlfriend, that's a great sport!

AND how in the WORLD will I ever keep up with all your blogs????

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