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Monday, June 14, 2010

I just love the internet and all the helpful souls out on the internet. 1 am in the morning on Saturday night I was able to see what the deals would be for Sunday before the paper even came! I sat down right then and there and planned my drugstore assault! Do you know about drugstore deals? I tried them  a year or so ago but didn't do them correctly. I didn't pile coupons with the store sales so I didn't save as much as I could. Then I forgot to use the 'free money' they give you, before it all expired. So, needless to say, my first drugstore saving plan was flawed. I did much better yesterday.

Sunday afternoon I went to CVS and Walgreens. I happened to find two helpful ladies who didn't mind doing separate transactions for me, so I could use the 'free money' I earned, to put towards the next transactions. My suggestion, check out at the makeup counter in Walgreens. In CVS, maybe try going when its not that busy?

Note: Always sign up for their card. When you walk in the door, scan it to see if there are coupons that will print for you right then and there. On specific items, CVS gives you ECB's: ExtraCare Bucks. You can use them on future purchases. I do separate transactions right in a row, thus not spending much out of pocket but paying for things with the ECBs I've earned.

1st Transaction:
Buy Old Spice Body Wash - Buy 2 OP= 5.98 SP= 4.00 C= B1G1 Free (PG 6/6)
ECB earned: $8 (used on next purchase)
Total Cost: $4

2nd Transaction:
Buy 3 GM Cereals OP= 4.28 ea SP= 3/$10 C= 0.75 ea (used 3 coupons SS 6/6)
ECB earned: $5 (used on next purchase)
Cost: $7.75
Buy 4 Right Guard Deodorants OP= 4.49 SC=B1G1 free C= $3/2 (had 2 coupons printed online)
Cost: $2.98
Used $8 ECB
Total Cost: $2.73

3rd Transaction:
Buy Gilette Fusion Proglide Razor OP= 10.99 , SP= 9.97 C= $4 (PG 6/6)
ECB earned: $5 (used on next purchase)
Used $5 ECB
Total Cost: $0.97

4th Transaction:
Buy Schick Hydro Razor OP= 9.99, SP= 8.97, C= $5 (SS 5/9)
ECB earned: $4 (save for future purchase)
Bought a couple incidentals (totaling about $1) to use up the $5 ECBs
Used $5 ECB
Total Cost: $0

Final Price: $7.70
(Retail Total: $64.74)
Savings: $57.04
88% savings!

The lady at the makeup counter was so helpful and super impressed with the little amount I was spending. She knew all about how to use the coupons, suggested I do a certain item first to get the bigger rewards coupons back. That way I could use it on the next transaction and pay very little. One thing. I wish I had my coupon box with me.I saw several sales I didn't know about that I might have taken advantage of if I had had my coupons. I can always go back this week though.

 (Note: Nivea not shown, DH ran off with it.)

1st Transaction:
Buy 3 Neutrogena Products (I bought the cheapest soap) OP= 2.99 SP= 2.09 SC= Buy 3 Get $10 RR
RR earned: $10 (used on next purchase)
Total Cost: $6.27

2nd Transaction:
Buy 4 Reach Toothbrushes OP= 1.79 ea, SP= 0.99 ea, C= $2/2 (had 2 coupons printed online ) = +$0.04
Buy 2 Colgate Toothpastes OP= 3.49/2.99 SP= 2/$5, C=$1 & $0.75 off (can't remember which ad from) = $3.25
Buy 2 Colgate Pro-Clinical Toothpastes OP= 4.99, SC= B1G1 free, C= $1 (had 2 C instore by makeup) = $2.99
Buy Nivea Men Active 3 Body Wash OP= 5.99, C= $3 (RP 5/2) = $2.99
RR earned: $6 (save for future purchase)
Cost: $9.23
Added in $2 chips to be able to use the whole $10 RR from last transaction
Total Cost: $1.19

Final Price: $7.46
(Retail Total: $40.58)
Savings: $33.12
81.6% savings!

Paid: $15.16
Saved $90.16
85.6% savings!
Plus I have $4 ECBs and $6 ECBs left to use 
After subtracting the ECBs and RRs from what I spent, my final total is: $5.16. Not bad for all that I brought home!

** Next post: My couponing organization methods, or how I keep it all together without going insane.


Shelly said...

I LOVE CVS! I think I have enough body wash to last a lifetime at this point. ;-)

Your blog is fantastic!

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