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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yes, its been just about a month of no couponing. Okay, I might have done a few deals a few weeks ago but never posted about them. I'm sure I'll eventually share them, just to keep a visual diary of all that I've purchased. However, I did get some deals today, even  WITHOUT coupons!! Read on...

Today I was heading out, looked in my wallet and realized some of my CVS Extra Care Bucks had expired yesterday. PANIC!! That was a good chunk of money, about $14.00. I don't like to waste money so I popped into my local CVS, even without a plan or coupons and asked if they would honor the ECBs. They were very kind and offered to do just that. I love my CVS! 

The clearance section was a gold mine today. Don't forget to check yours every time. In previous visits I've come home with free makeup and about 10 free hairdye kits (after coupons.) It pays to look around the whole store.

I started this trip with $14.00 ECBs (10 on one card, $4 on another. I joined my two purchases here to save time.)

Excedrine Migraine (Orig. $10.99, sale $9.99)
(2) Dentyne Pure (Orig. $1.29, sale $0.99)
(4) Safeguard 4pk Soap (Orig. $2.99, clearance $0.30)
(3) Softsoap Ensembles Hand Soap Pump (Orig. $7.99, clearance $0.80)
(5) Softsoap Ensembles Hand Soap Refills (Orig. $3.99, clearance $0.40)
(2) CVS Smooth Skin Lotion (Orig. $5.99, clearance $0.80)
MG217 Medicated Tar Treatment (Orig. $9.99, clearance $0.40)
CVS Earth Essentials Room Mist (Orig. $3.99, clearance $0.39)
(6) CVS Foaming Hand Soap (Orig. $1.99, clearance $0.20)

Spent OOP: $6.77 (after $14 in ECBs)
Original Cost of Items: $107.35
Savings: $100.58
94% Savings!
+ Received $7 in ECBs ($5 for Excedrin, $1 each gum pk)
Coupon Kiosk Update: Mine spit out the following for me today: 
$5 off $30 purchase
Free Beauty charm w/$15 Beauty purchase
$3 off Almay Cosmetic
$3 of $10 grocery purchase (9/10 only)

I realize I have $10 more in ECBs that expire TODAY so I will be perusing the sale posts to see what I can use my money on WITH coupons. Stay tuned...


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