8/09 CVS MoneyMaker!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well! August started off with a fizzle! 10 days of sickness really cut into my couponing days. It just seems wrong to miss out on a week of good deals! Oh well, I'm back on my game now. Yesterday I went to CVS to do some deals there. It was a definite moneymaker!

*NOTE: IF anyone needs the Dulcolax rebate form, I have an extra. Just holler.* 

(not shown: 2 Lipton tea jugs, 3 candy bars already devoured)

I have two CVS cards so I did these on separate ones to do the deals twice (bought 1 Dulcolax/Schick shaver on one, bought everything else on the other) but I'm putting them together in one list to save time.

Started with $14.98 in ECBs to use, plus a $5 off $30 purchase that printed at the CVS card kiosk

(2) Dulcolax (Orig. $12.99, sale $9.99)
used $4/1 coupon 5/16 SS
used $3/1 coupon 8/8 SS or Dulcolax website here
bottles had rebate tags on them that expired in February, but the company assures me they are honoring them til the fall, so get those in for $5 back!
(2) Hydro Schick (Orig. $9.99, sale $8.97)
used (2) $5/1 coupons 8/8 SS
you can send in for the Schick rebate of one Razor's price: form here
(2) Lipton Tea Jugs (Orig. $3.49, sale $2/$5)
(2) Airwick IMotion Kits (Orig. $9.99, sale $4.99)
used (2) $4/1 coupons 8/8 SS or Airwick website here
(3) Candy Bars (Orig: $0.89, sale B2G1 free)
(4) Almay makeup products (Orig. $7.99, clearance $2)
tried to have them do the B1G1 1/2 off deal on Almay but they wouldn't do it for clearance items, even though the ad didn't say that.
used (4) $1/1 coupons 7/25 SS
(2) Bic Disposable Razor sets (Orig. $3.99, sale B1G1 1/2 off)
used B1G1 free coupon 8/1 SS (it took off $3.99)
Xtra Detergent (Orig. $2.99, sale $1.99)
used $1/1 coupon 6/6 SS
Visine Eye Drops (Orig. $6.99, sale $3.99)
used $3/1 coupon here

Spent OOP: $37.65 - $5 off $30 - $14.98 ECB = $17.67
Original Cost of Items: $125.51
Savings: $107.84
86% Savings!
+ Received $27.98 ECBs + $5 Dulcolax rebate coming
Definite $15.31 moneymaker!! Or even if you didn't have the $14.98 ECBs I had, you make $0.33 at least.


Shannon said...

Very Nice! So I am looking at doing the bic razor deal. You can use the BOGO, but is there another Q for $/1 that can be used on the other razor?

Contessa Kris said...

I tried to use another B1G1 but they wouldn't let me. I can't find another coupon to cover exactly those razors. You could use the $3/1 Bic Soleil razors coupon if you were buying those instead. It's in the 7/11 SS insert. I just couldn't find packs of Soleil razors for under $6.99 and I didn't want to pay that. Although now thinking about it, you would buy 2 for $6.99, get 1/2 off the second, making it $3.49. The B1G1 would take off $6.99 and the $3/1 would make your total only $0.49 for both! Hey, I'm going back to the store! lol

Contessa Kris said...

That's 'Buy 2 for 6.99 EACH'. Sorry to confuse.

Shannon said...

Perfect! I was wondering if you use BOGO what they would take off. But it is indeed the regular price. Woohoo...I am making a trip :)

Anonymous said...

You know I am still waiting for Duloclax to come back into stock at BOTH of my CVS's!!! Luckily I got a raincheck, but that sure was a hot moneymaker!

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